Small state, big ideas

When Kansan Dwight D. Eisenhower was POTUS, we built the U.S. Interstate Highway System.  Then we went to the moon. Now what?

The Platform

Kansas wind farm

Green New Deal

We are at a critical time for both our environment and economy.  We know that fossil fuels aren't unlimited and have been causing environmental and damage to our health when burned, but we don't have other ways, especially in Kansas.  Kansas City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country without a mass transit system.  We need to update and upgrade our national infrastructure in order to allow an ever-increasing amount of goods & people to travel, while reducing the impact to the environment.  

Kansas has the second highest potential for wind energy and any that wasn't used for mass transit (such as high speed rail) could be exported to other states, after necessary upgrades in electrical transmission lines.   Kansas is the 15th largest state, but the 35th most populous, and we need Federal money to help with roads, bridges, & mass transportation.  We can elect leaders with vision to realize that being in the middle of the country gives us a unique opportunity to become the "crossroads of America" for the 21st century, and not just a "flyover state". Kansas deserves a Senator that works for all of us, is accountable to the people, not corporations.


United By A Common Goal

The very formation of the state of Kansas was one of the primary causes for the US Civil War.   The "Border Wars" or "Bleeding Kansas", from 1854-1861 were a series of violent cross-border confrontations between those who wanted Kansas to be a "Free State", the Jayhawkers, and those who wanted it to be a slave state, the "Border Ruffians". 

I have lived in Kansas my entire life and have traveled thousands of miles within the state, from Goodland to Baxter Springs and Atchison to Garden City and everywhere in between.  The people of Kansas are some of the most hardworking, honest, and nicest people in this country as well as a very proud history of working together for the common good.   We need leadership in Washington D.C. that is representative of Kansans, and accountable to the people, not corporations or political parties.


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